Live Blog: Kaspersky Cyber Security Summit 2013

Live Blog: Kaspersky Cyber Security Summit 2013

Jan. 30th, 2013 by 0 Comments

Kaserspky Lab CEO Eugene Kaspersky and his team are in Ny today, telling potential customers and partners how cyber warfare impacts corporate IT security. The speaker lineup includes Howard Schmidt, former cyber-security coordinator for the Obama Administration. Side note: Kaspersky Lab was developing its own secure operating system to give protection to nuclear reactors, electric grids and other mission-critical infrastructure. Given today’s event location, it’s a secure bet Kaspersky Lab also desires to engage Wall Street and monetary services customers. Here’s a live blog from the development.

Today’s gathering arrives sooner than the Kaspersky Lab Partner Summit (Feb. 7-10, Cancun, Mexico), one of many VAR Guy’s Top 100 Channel Partner Conferences  for 2013. Check back often as each area would be updated during the day.

On Stage Soon: Eugene Kaspersky and Schmidt discussing cyber-warefare’s impact on corporate IT security.

  • Highlights shortly

11:00am ET: Costin Raiu, director of world research and analysis team, Kaspersky Lab

  • Highlights coming soon

11:45am ET: Cyber-security realities within the corporate world (extended panel)

  • Highlights coming soon

Afternoon: Insights from Gartner and press briefings with Kaspersky Lab executives.

  • Recap later today.

Keep checking back for updates.

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